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Welcome   欢迎光临    ようこそ    어서 오십시오    Welcome   欢迎光临    ようこそ    어서 오십시오  Welcome   欢迎光临    ようこそ    어서 오십시오    Welcome   欢迎光临    ようこそ    어서 오십시오     

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I'm like Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris.

"If you stay here, this will become your present, and soon you'll start imagining another time to be the golden age, which is the reality, unsatisfactory,because life is inherently unsatisfactory."

No one in the movie, neither the artist nor the philosopher, is satisfied with the status quo of existenceAnd just like the empty reality depicted in the movie,my inability to find meaning leads me to prefer to follow the once good timesI love Tokyo in the eighties, the bubble economy, the end of the Showa period, the peak of the idol era, people's desire to live. Everything seemed so charming and longing, like a drunken man coming out of an izakaya,standing in the streets of Shinjuku, seeing the neon lights in the distance, and the haze of a tipsy but vibrant life.

This project is about such a story.

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