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My name is Gong Mingdi, I graduated from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) with a Bachelor's degree in Art and Communication, and I'm currently studying Visual Communication at RMIT University. At university I also studied Japanese, animation, and filmmaking. I have a keen interest in the visual arts. I have a good eye for words and pictures, and I am passionate about the colors of an image, the matching of outfits, and the layout of beautiful posters. I have acquired advanced skills in design-related software, such as PS, AE,ID,PR and AI in the Adobe Suite.

While Mandarin is my native language, I am also highly proficient in English. As a responsible individual, I always ensure to complete the tasks given to me by my supervisors independently to the highest standard. I possess strong communication and teamwork skills, as well as the ability to excel under pressure.

During my university degree, I have accumulated work experience in a wide variety of roles in the past years, including with magazine-VOGUE, Art Gallery-JeFineArt, Design Studio-Nexty and  advertising, marketing, and public relations agency-brand catalyser.

我叫龚鸣迪,本科毕业于新南威尔士大学(UNSW),获得艺术与传播学士学位,目前在皇家墨尔本理工大学(RMIT)学习视觉传播。在大学期间我还学习了日语、动画和电影制作。我对视觉艺术有着浓厚的兴趣。我对文字的排版和图片有很好的洞察力,并且热衷于图像的色彩、服装的搭配和精美海报的布局。我已经掌握了设计相关软件的高级技能,如Adobe套件中的PS、AE,PR AI,ID等。


本科和研究生的几年里积累了大量的工作经验,包括比如在杂志社-VOGUE、艺术馆-JeFineArt、设计工作室-Nexty和广告、营销和公关公司-brand catalyser