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Welcome   欢迎光临    ようこそ    어서 오십시오    Welcome   欢迎光临    ようこそ    어서 오십시오  Welcome   欢迎光临    ようこそ    어서 오십시오    Welcome   欢迎光临    ようこそ    어서 오십시오     

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Students were asked for engaging with the archive publication of National Gallery Victoria that base on one topic that provided. What am I emphasise on is the old fashion photography from Campbell Fashion Collection. The way to communicate with the archive is magazine. 
At the very beginning, when I look up the online resources from NGV offical website, I found the Female and Fashion are the main content. As an individual, all the content leave  a Fancy or Fabulous impression.

From this start point, I was thinking maybe I can begin with the letter “F” as my inspiration and discover more possibility base on that and see what I can do with the visual communication for a archive publication.
The magazine is named as “FIESTA”( which means festivals or party in Spanish) to present the content of my following resources and design step. What I am pursing with the communication is I try to convey an image with clarity and lively.

Editorial Design