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Future Nostalgia

The start point of this project was the question “ HOW WILL WE DESIGN THE BOOK OF THE FUTURE”. What is the future? Future refers to the time after the present but the future is also the past, and I believe that the space we are living is a circle. Whether is the fashion, music or design, ect. Those stuff that were popular in the past may disappear for a while, but they definitely will be reborn in the future and become the new topical element of that moment.

So how could I achieve this inspiration? I found the Y2K might be a good start. Y2k refers to the time roughly around 2000s and be characterised by an unique aesthetic period, include some shiny stuff, tech bug. Additionally, most y2k aesthetics rely on the futuristic look. It’s also a retro- futurism, which relates to the question. 

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