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Sydney is the city where I have been living for 6 years, and where I started my study abroad journey when I was 17. I graduated from university at the same time as the pandemic, and other reasons, I became unemployed and not in the university, so I wanted to at least do something about it. As I'm not very good at expressing my emotions in private or on social media, I was thinking about how to convey the conversation about the time with me,and the memory of these periods. My work became an alarm clock to calm myself down and remind me to remember to think at all times. I don't say I like this place, I haven't liked any city in the past years, and every time I move to a different city to spend time with myself, I'm always looking for romance, but it's actually a sad thing to look for romance, because it means I'm missing the sweetness that I'm missing. I don't like my hometown either, in fact, for me, a place that can be called "hometown" does not exist, and the feeling of desolation inside is called nostalgia, a word we are very familiar with, but to be more precise, it is actually a kind of nostalgia for those things that can never come back. The times we can't go back turn into something beautiful and are engraved on our hearts. Whoever we are, we have all had such a time, we have had dreams that have been falling, we have run in the cornfields, we have touched the walls of the street covered with years. Those lost years eventually crossed over into nostalgia... and then became lostalgia, that sense of loss that exists at the root of humanity, and these pieces of design poster are about that.

What I went here for, was it the right decision, could I keep going, and where I was going after that, I don't know. I feel at a loss, and I don't know what path I should choose to take. I think there are people like me who have the same feelings.

悉尼是我生活了6年的城市,17岁的时候在这里开启了我留学的篇章。大学毕业的时间刚好和疫情重合,因为各种原因成为了没有工作也没有“书”读的人,所以想着至少做点什么。不是很擅长在私下生活和社交媒体中去抒发情绪的我,一直在想如何去传达时间和我的“对话”,在这段时间的记忆;作品便成为了沉淀自己,提醒我随时要记得思考的闹钟。我谈不上喜欢这个地方,多年来的时光里其实没有喜欢过任何一座城市,每一次换不同的城市与自己相处的时候总是在寻在浪漫,但其实寻找浪漫其实是一件悲伤的事,因为这不是说明我正思念着我所缺失的甘甜吗?我也不喜欢我的故乡,其实对于我来说,可以叫做“故乡”的地方是不存在的,内心的荒凉感被人们称为nostalgia (乡愁),乡愁是我们很熟悉的词语,但更严谨一点地说,其实便是对于再也回不去的那些事物的一种思念。回不去的时光化作美好,印刻在了心里。我们无论是谁都有过这样的年华,做过一直坠落的梦,奔跑在玉米田上,抚摸过街道上布满岁月的墙。那些逝去的时光,最终跨过了nostalgia. 然后成为了lostalgia, 即,人类根源上所存在的那份丧失感,这些作品是关于这样的故事。 我是为什么而去这里,这个决定正确吗,可以坚持下去吗,之后又是去向哪里,我不得而知。心里感到彷徨,不知道该选择怎样的路走下去。我想,也会有和我一样有着这样心情的人吧。

 The End  : )