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Typography 33

A typography project with the aim of exploring the balance between layouts and typography regarding the topic of editorials. The practical considerations of a complex publication project as well as my personal preferences and opinions.The challenge was to reinvent the article or essays of different individuals through their perspective about the principles of the new typography, which in some way to reflects how does the students (as an individual ) playing with the layout in a practical way.

The outcome is simplistic and current editorial project that relies on its layout, colour to connect with the viewers. A collection of reflections on the “students” themselves. Instead of using the essays which are quite objective, my preference is more likely focus on the students who are using the word like “I feel” “in my point” “I think” these kind of words. If you turn to content pages, it is obviously to see the large size of the students name, and this is one of the practice that I make the response to the concept of my editorial design.

Editorial Design